1/2 Marathon = 13 miles

A few days ago, if you would've asked me what half a marathon meant, I couldn't have answered it. Thanks to a dear friend, who has encouraged me, I plan to run half a marathon ( 13 MILES ) in early Feb 2009.

Every so often, I've experienced moments of wanting to be active, but most often these urges have settled down with a quick trip to a sports store where I bought some athletic clothes, felt good by spending the money and never gotten around to the real deal.

I plan to stick my training and be in my training pants every week and of course drag my friend along with me. I am keen on not falling sick or taking any time off from the training. Since I've never run a marathon before, every day is crucial. If I actually complete this endeavor, I will post it here.

Thank you to my friend for pushing me and running with me everyday. We'll be inching our way to the finish line, but we should make it. (or so I hope!)

Time for some inspiration : Fauja Singh is a 98 year old who runs marathons. He was the face for Adidas's marketing campaign in 2004. Back then he had replaced David Beckham as Adidas's poster boy.