1/2 Marathon = 13 miles

A few days ago, if you would've asked me what half a marathon meant, I couldn't have answered it. Thanks to a dear friend, who has encouraged me, I plan to run half a marathon ( 13 MILES ) in early Feb 2009.

Every so often, I've experienced moments of wanting to be active, but most often these urges have settled down with a quick trip to a sports store where I bought some athletic clothes, felt good by spending the money and never gotten around to the real deal.

I plan to stick my training and be in my training pants every week and of course drag my friend along with me. I am keen on not falling sick or taking any time off from the training. Since I've never run a marathon before, every day is crucial. If I actually complete this endeavor, I will post it here.

Thank you to my friend for pushing me and running with me everyday. We'll be inching our way to the finish line, but we should make it. (or so I hope!)

Time for some inspiration : Fauja Singh is a 98 year old who runs marathons. He was the face for Adidas's marketing campaign in 2004. Back then he had replaced David Beckham as Adidas's poster boy.



Who doesn't love a vacation.. I know I love 'em
My husband and I spent our anniversary in Kauai. I was amazed by how lush the island was. The locals were friendly, the fruits yummy. I've never seen bigger avocados. Needless to say, I have been very inspired to do landscape photography.
Thank you my love, my husband for taking me to this breathtaking place.


A smile is worth a thousand words...

A lot of you may have seen the image of this glowing bride on my website, now you can see her featured on the cover of a photography book to be published in Jan 2009 by TCB Publishing & Media. I was encouraged by the friends to enter this comeptition.

Publication Date: January 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9798640-9-4

This is an unexpected but welcome surprise. I can't wait to get my hands on the book, I guess that's how the publishing world works on timeframes.


Sneak preview of the album !!!

Some of the designs that we've been working on.

You can also view their wedding slideshow by clicking here.


Introducing Maeher

A bundle of joy, baby Maeher.


Celebrating Leslie & David ...

Johanne 'n family

The long awaited family pictures.. Johanne + Justice + Elijah + Diane ...

Diane is mighty young to be grams. The lovely mum 'n daughter.


Sharan & Paul

Sharan and Paul are young, cool 'n hip. They make a very cute couple. Sharan was glowing and Paul looked very handsome in his sherwani. Paul's family from SoCal was tons of fun. The wedding was filled with emotions throughout the day. The reception was at Hyatt in Santa Clara, with coordination and decor by lovely Victoria at Victoria's Floral, make-up by Tamanna at Dress your face, cake by Margaret's French Bakery and catering by Darbar.

It was very touching to see how Paul greeted his mother when he saw her.

The King & Queen of the day.